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Rice Cooker: selection of the best cookers in 2020

rice cooker charlietaka

Everyone likes to eat rice. But to eat very good rice, you will have to prepare it well. Rice Cooker is an essential kitchen electrical appliances in well-thought-out, well-filled kitchens. Rice cookers are widespread in Asian countries (China, Japan and Korea), but they are also widely used in Europe and other continents. These devices merge into more and more efficient and innovative models and allow to cover several different features to cook dishes well.

People prepare different types of rice dishes. Rice can be cooked in different ways and although in some cultures rice is a not very consumed food, people like to use it as a side dish with some dishes. It can be seen that in several restaurants rice is served next to the main course.

All like Asians or Africans, the inhabitants of Europe and America love to eat rice. And to cook your rice well, you probably need a good rice cooker.

1. What’s a rice cooker ?

Rice cookers are small, not very bulky devices that allow you to prepare your rice without taking your mind off it. The rice cooker is simply a device that is plugged into an electrical outlet and used for cooking rice. This rice cooking device is said to have appeared in 1945, manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Company.

Over time, there have been many improvements and innovations that have allowed the rice cooker to be an indispensable electrical appliance in a kitchen today.

The features provided by the rice cooker have modernized over time, and several brands have made the rice cooker one of their flagship products.

Today the best rice cooker on the market have many features such as automatic shutdown, keeping warm, cooking start programming, to name a few.

Rice cooker manufacturers are redoubling their efforts to create state-of-the-art devices that can meet the needs of consumers.

Increasingly innovative models suitable for any type of kitchen are put on the market every year. However, different models do not have the same functionality.

Performance, design, modes and durability are all different depending on the manufacturer. We find on the rice cookers of very good quality, a shell, one or more removable tanks and a lid to close the cooker and keep it warm. Some rice cookers have modern steam baskets that can hold heat in the jar.

The rice cooker model to choose will then depend on its content, its size, the different features it offers, the price and its consumption power.

Our team helps you choose the best rice cooker of the moment: the rice cooker Instant Pot duo Mini.

You can buy it directly from Amazon by following this link. Our team has been on the lookout for the best rice cooker to help you choose your cooker right. So what is the best rice cooker ?

The rice cooker Instant Pot duo Mini

instant pot slow cooker
Instant pot slow cooker

Why did we choose this rice cooker in 2020?

Our choice is without hesitation on the rice cooker Instant Pot Duo Mini. This rice cooker has an adequate size for both small and large households.


You will be surprised to see that when you buy this cooker, it is as if you bought seven (7) appliances from different kitchens. You will:

  1. an electric pressure cooker
  2. sterilizer
  3. crock
  4. a rice cooker
  5. a steam cooker
  6. a yogurt maker
  7. and a heater

You benefit from several cooking presets on this rice cooker. You can make several types of dishes. You can for example prepare dishes based on soup or broth, meat, beans, Poultry, of course rice, yogurt, etc.

Temperature control

With this rice cooker, you will be able to control the temperature as you see fit. As with ovens, you can specify the cooking time, and control the heating time. Good cookers are equipped with control thermostats.


The rice cooker Instant Pot duo mini is easy to clean, most of the accessories of this cooker are dishwasher safe.

It should also be noted that unlike other rice cookers, you will not have a problem to store this one. If you like to eat rice, and cook it like a chef, you will not regret your choice. This rice cooker has been designed and manufactured to perfection. You just need to put water and add the food you want to cook, and then turn the cooker on.

2. Using a rice cooker

To use a rice cooker, simply put the rice in the tank of the rice cooker and a little water. You will then see your rice cook as done by a chef. Your life is simplified.

The rice cooker also allows the rice to be kept warm thanks to its function of keeping and heat capacity. Cooking begins when you press the start button on the main thermostat. This increase in temperature allows the rice to absorb the added water. The thermostat keeps the rice warm until it is consumed. Some rice cookers, more elaborate, have a source of water discharge. Some cookers like microwave rice cookers work better with long grain rice and less well with Japanese rice cooker.

3. What are the rice cookers we recommend ?

If our first recommendation does not suit you, we recommend these rice cookers got second choice.

4. How to choose a very good rice cooker ?

Today, there are thousands of rice cooker all different on the market and that have different features. It can therefore become easily difficult to find yourself in this wide range of choices if you are not familiar with it. Our team helps you choose the best quality rice cooker to make your life easier.

Here is our selection of elements that should not be overlooked to choose a very good rice cooker that we will never regret.

4.1. The capacity of the rice cooker

rice cooker contenance
Rice Cooker Contenance

The capacity of a rice cooker is an important feature when selecting your cooking appliance. If you have a large family and want to cook rice in one jet, without coming to do it several times in a row, you have to look at the size of the rice cooker and check if it is large enough to serve a great dish for the whole family.

As with most kitchen utensils, size is an element that quickly comes into account, and if you forget to take it into account, you quickly find yourself having to think about buying a new utensil.

However, it should be noted that in most cases, the larger the capacity of the rice cooker, the more likely the rice cooker is to consume a more than a small rice cooker. Generally the capacity of a rice cooker varies between 0.5 to 5 liters.

A rice cooker of a small capacity (at 0.8 liters) should be enough to serve a couple while a rice cooker of a medium capacity (3 liters) should be enough one for a family (from 3 to 5 people).

Remember that, even if the cooker is very large, it is the contance of the tank that will determine the dose of rice you can prepare. A family or a group of three people can eat an amount of rice of about 1.5 liters.

Take a good look at the capacity as there are many very small rice cookers that certainly won’t do the trick for a family. By the way, even if you are alone in using it, the main purpose of a rice cooker is to allow you to cook a large amount of rice, keep it warm and eat it at all times. For this, you’d better buy a rice cooker with a minimum acceptable capacity !

4.2. The power of the rice cooker

When buying a rice cooker, do not neglect to take into account the power of the device or see its electricity bill increased.

The power of the rice cooker is important in that it gives a sine qua non indication of the efficiency of the cooker in terms of cooking time. Rice cooker models with a power of 700 W should be given priority.

4.3. The bodywork of the rice cooker

Rice Cooker Carrosserie
Rice Cooker Carrosserie

A beautiful body of a rice cooker will allow you to use it well. Kitchen appliances are above all appliances that need to be well thought out. This facilitates the tasks when preparing your tasty dishes. A good rice cooker should be easy and pleasant to use. Some simple elements must then be thoroughly checked.

For example, do you prefer rice cookers that have several feet in order to prevent them from moving at the small movement? Do you prefer rice cookers that have a small information screen, or do you prefer devices that have open and close buttons on the lid?

Our team advises you to pay attention to these small details that will no doubt end up being part of your daily routine every time you cook rice at home. A small on-off switch can greatly simplify life when turning off the cooker instead of unplugging it directly.

4.4. Features of the rice cooker

If you want to buy a good quality rice cooker, you should not forget to take a good look at the functions. Indeed, there are so many different models and features that you could get lost in them. there are 5-in-1 models , see even 7-in-1. Which greatly enhances the ability of anything you can do with your rice cooker.

By the way, using this kind of device, you will realize that you own several kitchen appliances in one device. You can cook vegetables, steam dishes and even protein and fat dishes like meats and fish.

The display screen on the cooker will allow you to see what mode you are in and be able to change it. You also need the after cooking features like keeping warm, Auto-Off mode, reheating, etc. in summary, check if the rice cooker has its three characteristics before buying it:

  1. automatic shutdown after cooking,
  2. delayed start of cooking, to schedule cooking
  3. switching to keep warm mode,
  4. and steaming

The LCD screen can be an asset for pleasant use.

4.5. The material of the rice cooker

The material is also a good indication of the quality of rice cookers. The rice cooker with a good matéirau will tend to last longer. Good rice cookers have stainless steel as a material, which helps not only for longevity, but also for the appearance of the rice cooker.

It is also relevant to choose a rice cooker with a non-stick coating tank to prevent the rice from sticking. This greatly helps and facilitates the task for cleaning and storing the cooker.

5. Why should you absolutely buy a rice cooker ?

Having a rice cooker in your kitchen is very convenient. Already, compared to pots, pans or pans, cleaning the cookers is very simple. In addition, you get a perfect rice cooking without going to watch every time in your kitchen if everything goes well. The rice, once cooked remains warm in the cooker.

Rice also retains its original fragrance during and after cooking. The use is very simple, you will just have to put a sufficient amount of water so that the rice can absorb all the water and inflate, close the tank, plug and turn on the cooker. You save a huge amount of time compared to traditional rice cooking methods. while the cooker cooks your rice, you can go about your business and wait for the end of cooking.

By using a rice cooker, you have the certainty that your dish is well prepared and that you will eat well. You only have to turn it on by pressing the ignition button and the cooker will do the rest. This will automatically stop or switch to a Keep Warm function as soon as the rice is ready to be served to the table. The use of rice cooker helps to avoid ending up with burnt or very poorly cooked dish.

Cooking in the cooker helps maintain the flavor of the rice. This is because when the lid is tightly closed, the flavor is kept inside the tank and the propagated steam spreads the flavor evenly. Do not hesitate to add ingredients to increase this flavor and make the difference when cooking your dishes.

After cooking, the keep warm mode retains the texture and taste of the rice. You can then enjoy your at any time, even after several hours. In addition, the Steam compartment allows you to prepare dishes simultaneously. For example, a little trick would be to put your vegetables, fish and or meats in the steam basket to mix it all together when cooking is finished. Foods such as barley or bulgur can be cooked very easily with this device.

6. The different types of rice cooker

There are different types of rice cooker, but there are mainly two main categories. Rice cookers that have a steamer basket and those that have functions with pre-recorded cooking modes.

6.1. Rice cooker with steam basket

The advantage of steam rice cookers is that they will allow you to steam at the same time as you cook your rice. For example, you can steam your vegetables. Fish and meat can also be steamed.

6.2 Rice cooker with pre-recorded features

Rice cooker avec fonctions préenregistrées

Rice cookers with pre-recorded cooking mode are very interesting because they allow you to cook various dishes. Rice cookers with pre-recorded functions have display screens for selecting the desired mode. You do not have to choose the temperature or cooking mode, everything is done automatically according to the chosen mode. Some rice cookers also have timers for monitoring the remaining time.

The brand of a rice cooker gives an indication of its quality. Indeed, already known electrical appliance manufacturers tend to make devices of higher quality.

Major brands such as Moulinex, Russel Hobbs or Tefal are great leaders in the manufacture of good quality cookers. As with many kitchen appliances, the quality of the rice cooker is correlated with the fame of the brand that makes it. Therefore, the brand and model of the rice cooker are not insignificant features when buying a rice cooker.

7. What is the price of a quality rice cooker ?

Prices for rice cookers vary depending on several parameters. Good quality rice cookers cost on average between € 100 and €200. The rice cooker which are multi modes and multi functions are the expensive prices but this is normal because they will allow to make several types of dishes with several types of cooking. However, the most important thing is to know in advance what we want to do with this rice cooker.

If the idea is right to cook rice for one person, it is enough to buy a cooker that costs between 30 and 60 €, for a couple you can go up to 80 euros. Do not forget also to choose the cooker according to its capacity, that is to say the size and quantity it can take. High-end rice cookers can go up to 300 €, this is the example of the well-known Japanese rice cookers.

8. How to use a rice cooker ?

Most electric kitchen appliances are not complicated to use. The rice cooker is one of them. To cook rice, you just need to put rice in the cellar and add water. In addition, do not be afraid, the rice cookers are accompanied by a manual that will guide you to make good cooking.

If you want to do more complicated cooking, the instructions tell you how to do it so as not to make a mistake. Moreover it is very rare to be mistaken because these types of devices are thought to be easy to use and pleasant.After adding the water and rice, you can add your spices and ingredients into the tank.

Close the tank and check that the lid does not move and covers the tank well. You can then plug in and turn on the cooker. For the rice cooker models we offer, cooking stops as soon as the dish is ready, but we advise you to check the instructions carefully before use.

How much water to use in a rice cooker ?

The type of food to be cooked determines the amount of water to be added. To cook white rice for example, you can put a sufficient amount of water for 500 grams of rice. We strongly advise you to look at the package leaflet first before use. Do not hesitate to make small tests at the end of each cooking to see if the au added is sufficient or if it is necessary to add.

9. Rice cooker: Clean

Electric cooking appliances such as the rice cooker must be well maintained. Particular attention should be paid when cleaning the accessories that make up them. In order for your cooker to last long and work well, you should not neglect maintenance after each a steamer and rice cooker must be well maintained so that it can work properly in the long term.

To clean your rice cooker, you must first wait for the steam to clear and the cooker to cool. Pour water and leave for about thirty minutes. Fill the tank with water and a good amount of dishwashing liquid. Use a sponge to remove the remaining rice. Clean the lid with dishwashing liquid.

Let the cooker and all its accessories dry and store it in a compartment not too wet or too dry. pay attention to the type of dishwashing liquid you use to clean your electric kitchen appliances in general. Cookers with LCD screens should be carefully maintained when using water.

9.1 Cookers with LCD display

Be careful when cleaning the cooker which has an LCD screen. You can clean it with a slightly wet sponge. Be careful not to pour water on the LCD. Remember, electrical appliances do not like water and can easily get damaged in contact with water.

Remove all rice grains that have stuck to the bottom of the rice cooker with a tea towel. Some food residues can be glued to the bottom. For this, you may need to use a little dishwashing liquid to remove plaque grime.

9.2 The accessories of the rice cooker

Rice cooker accessories can be cleaned with a tea towel or washed directly in a sink. You can also use a dishwasher, but be careful with the dishes used.

10. I am a student, What do you advise me ?

For Budget students, we recommend taking the Russell Hobbs 19750-56. This rice cooker has a large capacity is will allow you to prepare several doses of rice that you can keep after in the fridge if you do not have time to cook every day.

The Russell Hobbs has a steam basket so you can cook meat, fish or vegetables when you cook your rice. This rice cooker has a capacity of 1.8 L, which is very enough for a student. In addition, it can be maintained easy and stops as soon as cooking is finished.

You will not need to monitor it and you can do something else in the meantime. This cooker can cook up to 10 doses of riz.Il also has a plastic spoon that does not damage the non-stick coating.

10.1. Features

The rice cooker Russell Hobbs 19750-56 can prepare up to 1.8 liters of capacity. It is the ideal cooker to cook rice quickly and keep it warm.

10.2. Présentation

The rice cooker Russell Hobbs 19750-56 is well thought out in terms of design and bodywork. Aesthetically, it remains very suitable and has a non-stick coating of very good quality.

10.3. Praticité

Apart from its large capacity of 1.8 liters, this cooker allows simultaneous cooking of rice with other foods in addition to its function of keeping warm. Here is a video explaining in detail how to use a cooker.

11. My rice cooker experience

In our large family, and as in most families, rice is a very popular food. I have long eaten rice prepared in the pan and have long denied the fact that it is possible to eat good rice prepared in a rice cooker. But since I used this device for the first time, I wonder how I was able to miss all these years.

Since then, rice cooked in a cooker has become and will remain for a long time my favorite food.All members of my family enjoy eating it on a daily basis. Also in terms of speed of cooking that flavor, I was struck by the number of different dishes that can be prepared with a very good rice cooker.

There are variations of rice cooker: rice cooker with gas, rice cooker with microwave and rice Cooker with steam.

The latter is the most used according to our experience. It should be known that in some they are called rice pot or rice casserole. Since 1960, half of Japanese families have had a rice cooker because cooking is quite delicate. This requires precise monitoring and follow-up.

The rice cooker was a revolutionary device at that time as families finally automate rice cooking. It is then avoided to burn the rice too much or to cook a hard Rice (not cooked enough). The rice cooker continuously controls the rice temperature and cooking time to avoid these problems. Be careful to use a spatula.

The amount of water must be managed according to the type of rice you want to cook. For example, brown rice requires more water than white rice. Many Asian restaurants would use large automatic rice cookers to cook a large amount of hot rice. In 2005, the number of rice cookers manufactured would be more than 80 million and the majority of these cookers were made in China.

In summary

  • Buying a rice cooker is a good investment
  • Choosing a good quality rice cooker is essential to make good rice
  • Rice cooker prices vary depending on the range and features you want
  • There are rice cooker which are allow other functions (slow cooker, reheating, etc.)
  • The rice cooker must be well maintained after each use. Check the type of dishwashing liquid you are using.
  • Rice is a staple and cooking it can be tricky at times. If it is poorly cooked, it is found with hard rice, which is difficult to chew. And if it is overcooked, it will be difficult to eat it because it becomes a little hard again. Cookers help to avoid these problems and save you a lot of time.
  • You can find different models of rice cooker, in major brands and on Amazon. Be careful to look carefully before buying your rice cooker.

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